Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing from my web store.


Q: Why should I set up an account?

When you purchase from, it’s best to start by setting up your account. This will save all your downloads and you can come back here for updates or to re-download a file if you’ve had computer issues (NOTE: although downloads are limited, you can always contact if you need more downloads).

NOTE: gift certificate balances will not show from your acct page (see gift certificates)

Q: I purchased a pattern without logging into an account. I created an account, can it be manually added?

Yes! Just email with your missing purchase, your name, email and account name, and we’ll add that!

NOTE: Gift certificates will not appear in your account.

Q: I deleted my confirmation email. How can I get it again? 

If you have a account, log in and you can see all your order details. This will include the original confirmation emails.

Just cut and paste that link into a browser and follow directions above.

If you do not have a account, you can email to get your confirmation email resent.

Q: Can I add my pattern to my Ravelry Library? 

You can add any pattern to your Ravelry library at any time—CLICK HERE. The library is a list of everything you own (patterns from books, magazines, individual patterns). So you can add any pattern you purchased from my store, and add it to your Ravelry library, but as long as you are logged into your account, you can also see it there and download it from there.

Add a Pattern to Your Ravelry Library

Just find the pattern listing on Ravelry and then click “ADD TO LIBRARY.” You will now see it listed in your library, along with any pattern you purchased on Ravelry.

You can edit your library notes and add your account link, so you can keep track of exactly where to find the PDF download.

Your download is stored on your acct. If there is a pattern update from a pattern you purchased on, you will get an email from letting you know there’s an update, and that email will include your personalized download link.


Q: Where do I find my download link?

When you purchase you will have three ways to download your class or pattern.

1) You will get a pop up with download links. Depending on your internet speed, and web traffic, this may take a few seconds. DON’T CLOSE WINDOW.

You will see two columns:

  1. PRODUCT – This lists the name of the product. Some products have multiple downloads. If you click the name of the product, it will just take you to the product page.
  2. DOWNLOAD – Here you will find black buttons for each download. CLICK THE BLACK BUTTONS to download the file.

2) You get an email confirmation email with your pattern download link. It will also have two columns. One a list of the products you purchased, and the other with downloads.

Please click on the links under DOWNLOAD column. It will have the name of your download. Some products have more than one download.

3) IF you set up an account on my website you can also find your downloads there. If you purchased it in my web-store and you did not set up or log into your account, it will not be stored in your account, so make sure to save your download email (just like Ravelry if you weren’t signed in).

From your account page you can not only find your downloads but all your order confirmations with any other important information.

Q: Do I have to hit the “download button” each time I want to view my product? 

NOOOOO. It’s important to understand the difference between downloading a file and opening a file. When you download a file to your computer, tablet or phone, it is now a physical file, that you own, on your device. Since downloads are limited (to prevent piracy), it’s important that you not download the same file again and again. Follow these steps:

  1. Click your download link and choose a location on your device to store your file.
  2. If you can’t find your download, here are a few helpful links:

How to find a download on:

Q: Can I download a class or pattern to multiple places? What if I get a new computer?

Each purchase comes with a set number of downloads that will allow you to download it to several devices. It is locked by IP address that means if the link is shared with a friend, you may not be able to download it again.

If you have slow internet connection, PLEASE be patient and wait for your download to complete rather than clicking again, so you don’t run out of downloads.

Q: What are the tech needs to download a video class from

High speed internet is recommended for downloading a video file. 20 Mbps or higher will be fine.
To check your speed: CLICK HERE.
For digital DVDs, you will have two video file options: The full digital DVD (for faster download, larger file size, can be played on a computer), or simple video file (for slower internet speeds, smaller file size, can be played on tablet, phone or computer)


Q: I have purchased streaming classes on, can I merge my class dashboard and my purchases on my acct page on

I’m afraid not. is a streaming site, and all the courses that you purchase there will be on your class dashboard. This will always be separate from the pattern pdfs or digital downloads you purchased at

Q: Will the older digital project & technique classes purchased on be converted to streaming courses on

YES! It will take me some time because I’ll be adding to them and improving them as I go. If you have purchased an older class with me you will get an email giving you the chance to upgrade your class to the new site. The DVDs will not be able to be streamed. They will remain available for sale on

Gift Certificates:

Q: Can I purchase a gift certificate for a friend?

Yes, you’ll find the purchase page here.

Q: I received a gift certificate. How do I use it?

When you get a gift certificate you will receive an email with your gift certificate. Download it and keep it handy. It has your gift certificate number.

When you shop and check out, you’ll see the spot to add your gift card number.

Q: Can I use my gift certificate on

Not automatically, but if you’d like to use some or all of your gift card balance to purchase a class on, just email us at Let us know what class you’d like to purchase, and how much of your gift card balance you’d like to use. We’ll check your gift card balance, and issue you a promo code to use to purchase your class.

Q: I lost my gift certificate number, can it be recovered?

Possibly. If you remember the email of who purchased it for you, we might be able to look up and recover that information for you.

Return Policy:

Q: Can I return a digital product?

I cannot offer refunds on digital products once downloaded. If you have made a duplicate purchase or think you made a purchase in error, please contact me within 48 hrs of purchase for a refund. If the file has not been downloaded, a refund might be arranged.