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5 star copy

Patty Lyons is my all-time favorite knitting teacher

I have been knitting most everything in the round for a while, I LOVE Magic Loop, but Patty Lyons is my all-time favorite knitting teacher and I have never learned to knit using 2 circular needles, so I figured it would be fun.
As always Patty Lyons is so wonderful to learn from! She always explains why things happen in knitting and why her tips and tricks will work. She demonstrates both picking and knitting and she is fun!
I would recommend this to those who have never tried circular knitting and those like me who hate to seam and love to strand and steep will enjoy this class and take with them at least a few new tips to make this technique something they use a lot!

5 star copy

Patty is an excellent instructor

Patty is an excellent instructor and makes what appears to be a complicated process into a manageable and doable project. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and would not hesitate to take another class from this instructor. – Tamera G

5 star copy


 This is the third class of hers I have signed on to, and along with terrific advice, tips & tricks (which I expect, anyway), Patty is witty, playful, and just plain fun. If you enjoy it, you’ll learn quickly and stick with it – so stick with Patty. – Jenna W

5 star copy

I love this class

have another class from Patty (another company) and she is such a good teacher. I always do most of her projects because she explains everything very well and she is never never in a rush with her teaching. I also enjoy her company because she has a wonderful pleasant personality. I hope to see more classes from patty. Love that lady’s classes. Thank you Annie’s. A five star for sure. -Nereida G

5 star copyI really enjoyed this class

I really enjoyed this class and I learned a lot from Patty. I really appreciate that she took the time and put forth the effort to give us all of the extra tips that make your knitting look better. I especially appreciated her tips for the thumbs of the Cafe Mitts. I would definitely take another class that was taught by Patty Lyons. – Allison M

5 star copy

I can’t believe how much I learned from this class!

I got 4 Patty Lyons DVDs as a gift from my awesome friend. They are all amazing. I will post individual reviews about the specific content:

Circular Knitting: I didn’t really think I’d get much out of this one, as I already knew how to knit in the round (or thought I did), but WOW was I wrong. With nearly 4 hours of content, 4 free patterns to follow along. I can’t BELIEVE how much I learned. Patty not only covered working in the round, dpns, magic loop, two circs, working two items at a time on magic loop and two circs, but also taught a bunch of ways to improve the look of your circular knitting and even fixing mistakes. Really – Get it.

If you ever see Patty teach live, online or as a DVD get them!! – Margaret

5 star copy Excellent Instructor

Patty is such an excellent instructor; she makes everything understandable and crystal clear. A must class for circular knitting. I especially like the fact that she shares so many tips with us. – Dawn C

5 star copy

Loved Every Minute

I loved every minute of this class! Patty Lyons is a great instructor making it such fun to learn all the wonderful ways to do circular knitting. I have been too intimidated by patterns using double-pointed needles, but not anymore! No longer do I fear the dreaded “ladders”. And all the tricks/tips are awesome! Thanks for having Patty teach this Annie’s class! – Dorthy T

5 star copyExcellent Course

Excellent Course. Very interesting and entertaining instructor. The projects are a lot of fun and not long to make. I had a ball and learned so much which surprised me since I am not a beginner at circular knitting. THANK YOU SO MUCH for a super course! – Kelley Ann L

5 star copy

Great Sense of Humor

This is the 3rd online class I have taken with Patty and I love her presentation style and great sense of humor. I have learned so much from these classes. In the case of this class I only have one small criticism and that is that the color of yarn chosen is rather dark and makes seeing the stitches a little difficult. Apart from that loved every minute. Please ask Patty back to present more classes. Lesley from Cape Town, South Africa.- Lesley I

5 star copy

Excellent Instructor

This is an excellent course! I had used double-pointed needles before but Patty presented many tips and tricks that I didn’t know and made them easy to remember. She is an excellent instructor; I would take another class with her if the projects interested me. – Dorothy M

5 star copy

She is Great

What a wonderful instructor. Her teaching is one of the best. I learned a lot from her. Bring her back to teach other classes. She is great. Thank you so much. I will be waiting for her next classes. – Margaret E

5 star copy

Great class

I highly recommend it. Patty Lyons is a great instructor and makes everything so easy. I would take any of her classes without hesitation.

5 star copy

Patty’s instructions are great

This came along at just the right time for me. I’ve been knitting all my life but haven’t done much on DPNs. I love my circular needles but they often don’t work for small doll’s clothes (my current passion).  – Lynne A

5 star copy

Patty Lyons is an excellent video instructor

I would love to see more by her. She understands how important it is to explain what you are doing and to go at a reasonable pace when explaining things. Thanks for a great class.  – Barbara S

5 star copy

Patty Lyons is an excellent instructor!

I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to improve his/her knitting skills. I tried to learn magic loop a while back but it just didn’t go well and I was a little afraid to try again. Thanks to Patty I was able to knit my first pair of mittens! Thanks so much! – Sylvie C