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The Many Shapes of Costa Maya

So, the Costa Maya KAL is in full swing, and I’ve gotta be honest… you guys are KILLING it!! I’m always so excited to pop on Ravelry and see how everyone’s projects are coming along. No pressure, but please update often, with this bum arm I’m living through vicarious knitting pleasure!!

The turnout for this KAL has been amazing, but just in case there are any of you lurking on the fence, let me sweeten the pot. I know that it’s always a risk to start a new pattern. It can be tough to visualize how the final will look and if it could be a good addition to your wardrobe or one of those sweaters you shove to the back of your closet. I tend to model for the KAL photos and while I’m fairly petite with a pear shape, I know there are lots of different body types and sizes out there. So today I’d like to show off Costa Maya’s versatility with the help of some of the lovely ladies at my shared office space! (Shout-out to Brooklyn Creative League!)

I’ll go first.

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Costa Maya Knit-Along (KAL)

Welcome to Costa Maya Knit-Along (KAL)!

It’s time for the Spring Knit-Along!!! I am so excited to start another KAL on my Ravelry group. You asked for it, so you got it . . .  A CARDIGAN!!! There will be tons of teaching and fun, prizes and a great garment! During the KAL period you get the full sweater class for just $1 over the price of the pattern!!!  There will be HOURS of video tutorials, and modification documents to help you every step of the way.

Use Promo code: CostaKAL During the pre-sale period before Feb 26 and get 10% off!

After May 8 the pattern alone will be $8, the KAL – sweater class versions (with all the how tos, video tutorials, and modification notes) will be $14.

Learn More & Buy Now

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Patty's Fall Knitting Challenge

Grand Prize Winners Patty’s Fall Knitting Challenge

Wow, that went fast!  Thirteen weeks ago, I announced Patty’s Fall Knitting Challenge. I checked in four weeks in to see what everyone was knitting. We started out with 23 available patterns to work and along the way we added the Flagstaff Vest, Box and Beam Wrist Warmers, and I Beam Hat for a total of 26 patterns to choose from!

We had a final total of 63 projects cast on and now it’s time to award the final PRIZES!!

A huge thank you to every knitter in the Ravelry group who cast on and spent the fall knitting with me, and a HUGE thank you to our friends and retail sponsor Fiber Wild for sending out all that yummy yarn so quickly. Now with no further ado . . .

Patty’s Fall Knitting Challenge Grand Prize Winners!!!

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Cast on, Cast off

Okay, so it’s really more like cast off, cast on, but that didn’t sound as “Karate Kid”.

I cast off two projects this week, and I’ve got two on the needles.

First I finished the sweater for my sister. It was a really a fast knit. I didn’t use a pattern, I just figured my gauge, and knit it to my own body. It came out so cute that I have to knit one for myself

Next it was my very own mohair and cotton sweater. I got the design idea from a cotton sweater with a net top and sleeves I saw in a store once. I liked the idea of using mohair for the top for a contrast of textures. I owe some of the design features to a few designers. The basic stitch pattern from the mohair comes from the Spring Fling. The shaping I used on the sides came from the Honeymoon cami.

I’ve always wanted to do a sweater with a ruffle sleeve, and after much trial and error, I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

On the needles is the ENDLESS k1, p1 rib that is Tempting II. It’s my at work project. Something I can mindlessly knit during understudy rehearsal.

My at home project is to use up all the cotton yarn that my mother in law gave me. I can get a few projects out of it, but the first one I chose was a boat necked cable sweater.

I’m changing the pattern a bit to add shaping on the side. The picture looks like there’s shaping, but the pattern doesn’t have any. Here’s it on the needles

David came to visit from Brooklyn and brough a bit of our garden. In the form of pictures:

He also brought me lettuce from our garden. It was delicious. It makes me miss Brooklyn more then ever.

I also miss going to all my yarn shops in New York. I’m coming home for a few days in July, maybe I’ll go on a yarn crawl.


Peanuts, (knit one, purl two) and Cracker Jacks

Okay all you knitters out there . . . where do you knit? Do you take your knitting on the subway, to the movies, to the beach, to the ballgame. Let me know I’m not alone. On Monday we had a little Jersey Boys field trip to the ballgame. Of course I took my knitting.

It was a perfect day for a ballgame. We started our day at Larry’s house (the PSM). It was truly our glimpse at how the other half lives.

Wow, what a place. He’s staying at a friend’s place in South Beach. The coolest bachelor pad ever!!

They set up a dreamy spread of hotdogs (turkey dogs for me), potato salad, chips,

and of course . . . Peanuts and Cracker Jack:

Of course no Martha Stewart like baseball buffet would be complete without the traditional jockstrap flower arrangement (in the team’s colors of course)

There was also a bitchin cool deck. We immediately started lounging in the sun.

The boys talking boy talk. The fabulous Jenny Lee Ramos catching some rays.

John “Smitty” Smith (our musical director, and Rashad Naylor hangin‘.

Jeremy Kushnier, Eddie Driscoll, Jerrod Spector

After stuffing our faces with hotdogs and filling our pockets with peanuts and cracker jacks it was time to go to the ballpark

I’ll never get used to a ballpark with palm trees out front and the ocean out back. Truly weird. When a homerun is hit it goes into the water and men in kayaks wait to scoop up the ball – not kidding

By the third or forth inning it was time for me to crack out the knitting. I’m working on Tempting II, and it’s an ENDLESS amount of k1, p1 rib. Of course the cries of “I can’t believe you brought your knitting to the ballgame”, “look she’s knitting”, “I gotta get a picture of this” began.

That’s Lauren looking at me like I have two heads, just because I wanna get a few rows in before the 7th inning stretch. Doesn’t everyone???

The park itself was a bit like an amusement park. There were tons of bars and restaurants everywhere. I’m talking full bars too. I had an Irish coffee from a stand. Weird. There were batting cages, games, a giant slide (which I of course rode.) Here’s me showing I’m tall enough to ride slide:

When I got home I finished the sweater for my sister. I’ll post more pics of it (modeling it) in the next post. Here it is blocking.