10 Tips Better Knitter

10 Tips to Becoming a Better Knitter

As a knitting teacher, I’m asked all the time for tips on how to become a better knitter. We all want to Improve our Knitting. Knitters often hear so many different things, and it’s fairly hard to boil them down–but here they are, my Top 10 Tips to Becoming a Better Knitter

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Stitches East – Amazing!

Next up in the live out of suitcase life of a traveling knitting teacher . . . STITCHES East This was the view from my hotel room window.  Yes, I woke up that early. I hope you enjoyed that picture . . . it’s the only one I took. I was too focused on teaching […]

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Fun at Craftsy

Craftsy By now, it’s safe to say, that unless you are a knitter that has been living in a bomb shelter, does not believe in computers, or has been frozen in ice, you are familiar with Craftsy classes. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to get to spent a bit of time in […]

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