How to Seam Garter Stitch

Tuesday Tip – How to Seam Garter Stitch

Many of you have sent wonderful suggestions for Tuesday Tips. You’ve emailed and left comments, and asked for some fabulous stuff. Sure, there have been plenty of fancy requests, but by far the most frequently requested tutorials involve seaming. We’ve explored the shoulder seam, and this month we turn our attention to How to Seam Garter […]

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Big Box of Knitting Fails – Picking Up Stitches

For those of you that have taken classes with me, you know all about “Patty’s Big Box of Knitting Fails”. I seem to have an example of something tragic I’ve done in my knitting for nearly everything I’m teaching. So, I’m launching a new blog series to dig into my knitting boo boos. Today’s episode […]

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Why . . . When I Know How Much I Hate it

Why do I knit sweaters that end up in SIX pieces when I hate finishing 1 – back, 2 & 3 – front pieces, 4 & 5 sleeves, 6 – yoke . . . grrrr, arrg So I started by blocking the front and back. Gotta love the blocking wires, flexible for the neck & […]

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