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Another TNNA = 4 days of yarn, students and friends

Twice a year, all the knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, needlepoint and embroidery professionals across the land (and a few other lands) get together for our annual trade show. The summer show is in my favorite location. I’ve been going there since 2007, and I have my favorite lunch spots, dinner spots, my favorite hotel . . . and now I find out they’re moving. It looks like it’s Goodbye Columbus 🙁

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Learn Blocking – Online Webinar

Online Knitting classes – Blocking

Knitting Webinar

Knitting Daily

It’s time for another Webinar. I’m returning to teach an encore performace (da, da, da, da!) of my blocking class

Blocking Techniques for Knitters


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shawl unblocked
shawl block
Spacer 20x20 pixels Blocking Techniques in Knitting
webinar with Patty Lyons. 
Why spend all that time knitting a garment, only to stop short of making it look great! Blocking is an essential part of finishing your garment off perfectly. Blocking evens out your stitches, sets your size, and in some cases can even mask your mistakes.  Patty has spent years teaching thousands of students to consider the importance of every step of knitting, such as yarn selection, gauge and blocking.In this webinar we will go over the three main methods of blocking (wet, steam and spray) and learn how to use all the tools such as blocking boards and wires. We will go over the importance of blocking your swatch and how we make choose our blocking method. We’ll also discuss blocking unusual shapes, special stitch patterns, as well as learn a bit about different fiber properties. Come on, don’t stop short of the perfect finish!
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  • Learn how to choose your blocking method.
  • Learn how to wet block, steam block and spray bottle block.
  • Master proper use of tools such as blocking board, wires, tailors ham, seaming roll, wooly board and more.
  • Explore how different fibers react differently to blocking methods.
  • Discover how to avoid common blocking mistakes that can ruin your garment.
  • Learn how to block unusual shapes as well as shaped garments.


  • Knitters or crocheters who are new to blocking.
  • Experienced knitters or crocheters who have not been happy with their blocking results
  • Knitters or crocheters who want to learn more about fiber properties.
  • Knitters or crochetrs who have always used the same method to block (with not always the best results).
  • Knitters and crocheters who have never used blocking wires.
  • Knitters and crocheters who want to learn how to block unusual shapes
  • Knitters and crocheters who want to avoid blocking disasters.
  • Knitters and crocheters who want their project to come out perfect every time!


Don’t miss out on the perfect pair to this class: Secrets of Yarn Substitution


Camp Stitches = All the Fun, None of the Mosquitoes

Camp StitchesIf you’re anything like me you’re wondering – where did the summer go?????

I’ve been a terrible blogger, but I hope you’ll forgive me when you see the new designs & classes coming out. It’s been an insanely busy summer with planning for filming a new online class for Annie’s as well as an exciting new teaching plan (sorry can’t tell ya yet, stay tuned) and many new designs (sorry, can’t show ya yet).

Since the summer is slipping away fast, you can imagine how excited I was when I found out I’m going to CAMP, Camp Stitches that is!! Yep, that means three straight days of knitting in GORGEOUS New Mexico! Squee!!

Camp Stitches –

Secrets to Spectacular Sweater Success!

Join me for a three day sweater intensive – click here for more info and to book

There are so many ways your sweater can go wrong but even more ways it can go sooo right. In this three-day sweater intensive, we will be looking beyond the pattern to really explore all the secrets and tricks every knitter needs to know to create their perfect sweater. We will begin with an exploration of knitting technique—how to create a more stable fabric with no “rowing out,” how to make neat edges and fix the big loopy first stitch, as well as better cast-ons and bind offs to name just a few.

Next we will delve into specific knitting techniques and how to improve them including best practice for picking up stitches, tricks to avoid gaps in your necklines, and how to improve the look of ribs and cables, better matching YO in lace, making a SSK that matches your K2tog, better transition from rib and so much more!

We will also be answering what every knitter wants to know: what parts of the pattern to ignore or change. When to use short rows, should you or should you not convert to in the round, what if you want to get a different size or use a different yarn.

Finally we’ll address what you need to start and end a perfect project: gauge and blocking. How and why does your gauge swatch lie to you, and how to block your garment perfectly?

Make this the year of your perfect sweater!

For those of you who hear “camp” and have these images jump into you head

Girl ScoutYeah, I was a girl scout in that late 60 – early 70s era.  

scout uniform catalog

Actual uniform catalog. Note the helpful fashion suggestion to “Show that you belong – wear your complete dress uniform properly and with pride at all times”.  

Or perhaps you grew up as a city gal, and have never camped a day in your life . . .

amy-hwang-i-hate-camping-but-i-love-shopping-at-l-l-bean-new-yorker-cartoonFear not, this is not that kind of camp


Camp STITCHES Will NOT have:

– Fabulous Teachers
– Fun classes
– Brilliant Students
– Beautiful Setting
– Uncomfortable sleeping bags
– Ugly camp uniforms
– Horrible camp food
– Bad camp songs (Can’t swear to this one)

Hope you can join me November 13 – 17 and make this the year of your dream sweater!

Vogue Knitting Live Chicago!

Okay, so admittedly, I’m the worst blogger ever. I’m trying to catch up because there’s been SOOOO much going on. I’ll start with a couple of weeks ago when I was lucky enough to get to go to my home town – Chicago.

Vogue Knitting Live Chicago


I don’t get to go home too often, so I was doubly excited to get to teach at the Amazing VK Live in my own home town.I headed out a few days early and was able to see my family and some friends (missed a few – Boo Maggie and Amy), and then it was time for the show.

If you’ve never been to the Palmer House in Chicago, it’s hard to describe the “they don’t make them like they used to” elegance of it all, but here’s a shot of the lobby to give you a sense.

IMG_1517(for all you eagle eye knitting fans . . . yes, that’s the one and only Brooke Nico running through the lobby. We were really hungry and heading out to dinner)

There was too much fun, fiber, and fashion to describe here, and I was terrible at taking pictures. A few incredible highlights included the market place, the cocktail party and the amazing gala dinner with the one and only Alice Starmore . . . yeah, we got to see the actual samples from her new Tudor Roses.  Made me feel a little swoony.

As much as I love all the other bits, for me, it’s all about the classes.  I taught three days of classes with over 130 AMAZING students. I’m so grateful for their patience and humor and brilliant ideas. We had days of fixing mistakes, blocking, gauge, stripes, and more.


Fixing Mistakes Class


Stripes Class

I had some really special students this year. I had a knitter who had stopped knitting a year ago after making a cowl, and came to get her knitting mojo going again, a great mother and daughter team in my Stripes class (what a supportive mom!), one of my students from Vogue Knitting Seattle who decided to come across the country to Chicago to hang with me again, and so many other really special knitters.

Here’s a brilliant little yarn management solutions from the Stripe class . . . yeah, those are socks



It’s always fun to look at the pictures my students take on my phone.  I gave my camera to one student during the blocking class and she took some great shots (and a TON of shots of me making the weirdest faces . . . I’m really facey when I teach). There were some good shots despite her wildly un-photogenic subject.

At the end of the camera after the shots of wet blocking, and steam blocking, after pics of the swatches, of pinning out sweater piece after pictures of me making crazy gestures with one big piece of hair sticking up . . . after all of those there was one more.

It was left as a secret message to me. It was so nice and it’s what all the teachers want to say to all of the students and to the organizers of VK Live.

It was a simple picture that made me smile and took the words right out of my mouth.


So New York, it’s your turn next. VK Live NY will be here in no time (Jan 17 – 19) and I’m launching two brand new classes: Knitting Bag of Tricks and Fix It! Knitwear Alterations and Repairs.  I’m particularly excited about the Fix It class, as it includes some of my very favorite knitting magic tricks.

Hope to see you all there!

Fun at Craftsy

a set shot


By now, it’s safe to say, that unless you are a knitter that has been living in a bomb shelter, does not believe in computers, or has been frozen in ice, you are familiar with Craftsy classes.

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to get to spent a bit of time in Denver filming some classes. I can’t tell you what they are (yet), as it’s all rather hush hush until they launch.  BUT . . . you won’t have long to wait, because they will launch next week! (if you can’t wait to take an online class with me, you can click here to check out my Knitting Daily class)

Filming is a unique experience. The days are long, but fun.  There were many things that you don’t think about in your day to day life, that you have to deal with while filming.  One is, I’m not really a “hair and make up” gal, so teaching wearing lip gloss was a whole new world for me!  The amazing Danica made me look good (I’m convinced she can make anyone look good), so I didn’t have to think about it too much.

Another was the HEAT. Shooting for hours under hot lights didn’t really bother me.  Remember, I’ve spent years dressed from head to toe in black in very hot backstages, so a little heat doesn’t wilt this girl . . . but, one unique challenge was when my hands got so sticky that the yarn wouldn’t really feed through my fingers anymore.  BTW – great tip for that, alcohol based hand sanitizers, or baby wipes, they dry your hands right out!


There are a lot of differences between teaching live and on film. One thing, is my students aren’t in the room. I  know that sounds obvious, but I missed their energy. Luckly the energy of the crew kept me going. They were a funny bunch.

At one point I mentioned that my shooter Jarrod might be purposly trying to startle me with the clapboard (the little thing that folks snap shut when they say “take 104” in the movies). After I did, of course he started to get closer and closer to my face. Here you can see him trying to snap my fingers off!


Discount code!

The nice folks at Craftsy have given me a 50% off sale link to use for my students.  If you’d like to get the coupon code for my two classes, add your name to my mailing list by November 15th., and I’ll send you the link!

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as they say on Craftsy “see you on the platform”