Spring Knitting Events

2017 Spring Knitting Events

Spring 2017 is going to huge!  Eleven events in March – May (yes you did that math correctly, that’s 11 events in 12 weeks)!! If you’ve never taken a class with me, I hope this is the year. I’m crisscrossing the country, so I’m bound to be someplace near you! Leave me a comment if I’ll […]

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My Fellow Yarn Travelers

A few days ago I wrote about all my amazing students in 2016.  As I was going through all my pictures I also came across a lot of happy memories of the fun I’ve had with my fellow yarny friends. I spend about 1/3 of my year on the road. I have a wonderful husband […]

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Last Minute Holiday Knitting!

It’s happens to all of  us, our holiday knitting kinds sneaks up on us. In case you need a little help, I’m offering a 25% off coupon for all my accessories, including my brand new Box and Beam Wrist Warmers and I-Beam Hat. Help is here for your Last Minute Holiday Knitting

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