How to Support Our Fiber Community

Hi all. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and we have a ways to go before we see the other end of this. With cancellations, flights shutting down, and store shelves empty, there’s a lot of stress and confusion, fear and sadness.

I am sitting here in my small Brooklyn apartment, looking at my giant teaching bag that has been packed and sitting in my hallway since I returned from my last teaching trip on March 3rd. Like most knitting teachers, spring is my busiest season. For me I’m on the road nearly every week from March to May, and spring is about 25% of my annual income. In fact, I travel so often that my spring ritual when I get home from one job is to unpack and repack. The bag never leaves the hallway. In the past week I’ve been removing class bags for one event that was canceled and putting in class bags for the next, and then that event got canceled . . . remove, replace, rinse, repeat. It’s almost like if I unpack and put the bag away, I’m giving up, giving in.

Everyone has their own version of this story. But through it all, with everything EVERYONE is going through, I’m still getting messages from people asking how they can help. That’s knitters for you.

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