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Tortola KAL Update

On Jan 23 registration opened for the Tortola KAL – Sweater class. In the following weeks our ranks quickly grew to over 300 knitters working on their gauge swatch! On Feb 20 clue #1 for the Tortola KAL Sweater class came out and we are now 365 knitters strong, with new knitters joining us everyday!

Monday our first, of many, participation prizes got awarded!

Knitters who join us before April 24 will still get 25 video tutorials (over 3 hours of filmed sweater instruction), all the sweater modifications and knitting how tos for just the price of the Tortola pattern – $8.00!! Let’s see how everyone’s doing.

Tortola KAL update

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Corcoran KAL

Spring / Summer Knit-Along 2016

Welcome to my very first KAL!

I am so excited to be running my first (of many) KALs on my Ravelry group.  There will be tons of teaching and fun along the way. Think of it like a sweater class for the price of a pattern! Not only that, I’ve arranged for the wonderful yarn store FiberWild to be our official yarn supplier for our KAL yarn (at an amazing discount, plus free shipping on orders over $75!). You can order your Classic Elite Song, as well as any needles or notions you’ll need.

$7 – Use promo code: Cor2016 during the presale period before June 20 and get 10% off!
After Aug. 15th the pattern alone will be $7, the pattern with how tos, 15 video tutorials, and modification notes will be $12.

CLICK HERE for more information

So without further ado . . . introducing

Corcoran 2.0 KAL

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Camp Stitches = All the Fun, None of the Mosquitoes

Camp StitchesIf you’re anything like me you’re wondering – where did the summer go?????

I’ve been a terrible blogger, but I hope you’ll forgive me when you see the new designs & classes coming out. It’s been an insanely busy summer with planning for filming a new online class for Annie’s as well as an exciting new teaching plan (sorry can’t tell ya yet, stay tuned) and many new designs (sorry, can’t show ya yet).

Since the summer is slipping away fast, you can imagine how excited I was when I found out I’m going to CAMP, Camp Stitches that is!! Yep, that means three straight days of knitting in GORGEOUS New Mexico! Squee!!

Camp Stitches –

Secrets to Spectacular Sweater Success!

Join me for a three day sweater intensive – click here for more info and to book

There are so many ways your sweater can go wrong but even more ways it can go sooo right. In this three-day sweater intensive, we will be looking beyond the pattern to really explore all the secrets and tricks every knitter needs to know to create their perfect sweater. We will begin with an exploration of knitting technique—how to create a more stable fabric with no “rowing out,” how to make neat edges and fix the big loopy first stitch, as well as better cast-ons and bind offs to name just a few.

Next we will delve into specific knitting techniques and how to improve them including best practice for picking up stitches, tricks to avoid gaps in your necklines, and how to improve the look of ribs and cables, better matching YO in lace, making a SSK that matches your K2tog, better transition from rib and so much more!

We will also be answering what every knitter wants to know: what parts of the pattern to ignore or change. When to use short rows, should you or should you not convert to in the round, what if you want to get a different size or use a different yarn.

Finally we’ll address what you need to start and end a perfect project: gauge and blocking. How and why does your gauge swatch lie to you, and how to block your garment perfectly?

Make this the year of your perfect sweater!

For those of you who hear “camp” and have these images jump into you head

Girl ScoutYeah, I was a girl scout in that late 60 – early 70s era.  

scout uniform catalog

Actual uniform catalog. Note the helpful fashion suggestion to “Show that you belong – wear your complete dress uniform properly and with pride at all times”.  

Or perhaps you grew up as a city gal, and have never camped a day in your life . . .

amy-hwang-i-hate-camping-but-i-love-shopping-at-l-l-bean-new-yorker-cartoonFear not, this is not that kind of camp


Camp STITCHES Will NOT have:

– Fabulous Teachers
– Fun classes
– Brilliant Students
– Beautiful Setting
– Uncomfortable sleeping bags
– Ugly camp uniforms
– Horrible camp food
– Bad camp songs (Can’t swear to this one)

Hope you can join me November 13 – 17 and make this the year of your dream sweater!