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5 Benefits of Knitting with Others

While many knitters enjoy the solitude of knitting on your own, an international online survey found that knitting in a group had a significant impact on perceived happiness. If you have taken any of my online or in-person classes, you’ve probably experienced some benefits from knitting with others. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

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Time for Some Selfish Knitting

Welcome to 2018!! We made it through the holidays, all of our gift projects are (hopefully) off our needles and in the hands of their recipients, and we’re settling in to what looks to be a rough winter ahead. Don’t you deserve a little reward? Why not spend a little time on some “me knitting?” […]

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Summer Knitting Pattern Round Up

The Soho Slip Stitch sweater class kicked off today (jump in anytime before Sept 10th and get the sweater class FREE with the purchase of the pattern!), so I thought I’d toss in a round up of some quick summer knits to keep you occupied between clues! Summer Knitting Pattern Round Up

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5 Things in a Good Knitting Pattern

5 Things in a Good Sweater Pattern

A few days ago I wrote about 10 Tips to Becoming a Better Knitter, so I thought it was only fair to turn the tables. I’m often asked what makes a good pattern, and I used to say something lame like, “good is in the eye of the beholder.” Well, cop out no more, I’ve […]

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