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Tuesday Tip: Weaving In Ends Skimming

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We all know finishing can make a project look “homemade” or “handmade.” I’ve written several Tuesday Tips on seaming. We’ve looked as seaming garter stitch, shoulders, and even tackled the dreaded topic of selvedge edge and mattress stitch. No matter how wonderful your seaming, if your ends are not woven in well, your piece will look homemande. So the question is: how do you weave in ends? The answer is, there is more than one answer . . . so, I am going to devote a few Tuesday tips to the topic of

Weaving in Ends Skimming

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5 secrets of row gauge

5 Secrets of Row Gauge

Tuesday Tip copyI have written about gauge many times. I think about gauge, I teach gauge, I believe in gauge. I’ve filmed a video for a special cast on for gauge, written about how to measure when you can’t see your stitches, how to block your swatch, and how to swatch for in the round projects.

Today it’s time to turn our attention to something that can make or break a sweater, and reveal . . .

5 Secrets of Row Gauge

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Tuesday Tip – How to Fix a Hole In Your Knitting

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I love mistakes. I love fixing mistakes. In Knitting ER I go over all the fundamentals. But sometimes there are things that go beyond the standard (that’s where Advanced Knitting Fixes comes in).

I’ve written in past Tuesday Tips about Swiss Darning for a repair, and duplicate stitch for reinforcement.

Today I turn my attention to a larger repair, a multi row repair, in other words . . .

How to Fix a HOLE in Your Knitting

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Tuesday Tip: How to Measure Cross Back

Tuesday Tip copyThe cross back (or shoulder to shoulder measurement) is the most important measurement in a set in sleeve sweater and the hardest to get right.

On my Ravelry group we are getting ready to start the Corcoran Knit Along (starting June 20th, 2016). * The KAL will be filled with video tutorials and how tos (exclusive to the KAL participants) including one on how to read a schematic and choose the right size.

  • EDIT – The KAL / Sweater classes are still available for sale on Ravelry and the videos and message boards never expire.

Choosing the right size is the most vital step to a happy sweater. A few weeks ago we looked at how to measure armhole depth, now it’s time to look at . . .

How to Measure Cross Back

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Tuesday Tip: How to Measure Armhole Depth

Tuesday Tip copyOne of the things that can make or break a sweater is your armhole depth. If it’s too tight, your sweater will bunch under the arm (not to mention be very uncomfortable), if it’s too loose your sweater can look sloppy.

On my Ravelry group we run video sweater KALs several times a year. The KALs are filled with video tutorials and how tos (exclusive to the KAL participants) and there’s always information on picking the right size.

You can find out more about my video sweater classes here

Video Sweater Patterns

Choosing the right size is the most vital step to a happy sweater, and a very important element of that is understanding . . .

How to Measure Armhole Depth

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